Hello, I'm Shane and I'm 28. I have been singing from the age of 15 and a half and have loved every moment of it! I have always loved swing due to my dad bringing me up listening to the great Frank Sinatra. I love the brass sound and the way the music makes you smile, feel good and tap your feet! As well as singing, I also play the drums in mostly every style and have a passion for acting. I have been acting since I was 7 years old and have developed my skills to directing and writing in addition. With all this rolled together I absolutely love musicals and I hope you enjoy my versions of my favourite songs.

My Influences are Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and the Rat pack because they give you a great feeling inside and make each song completely their own. My influences when it comes to acting have to be the one and only Sir David Jason, Jim Carrey and Jack Black. I think David is a fantastic actor and makes every role his own, Jim is great at doing so many faces and also is a very good singer and Jack... oh what can I say the man is a legend, sings, acts and plays in a band, that’s me!

I have my own production team (Shane Diggens Productions), we produced Dads Army Live back in May 2015 and also previously done Fawlty Towers in 2011, which was a huge success. We then done it all again at the Lakeside Theatre Colchester in July 2012. (More information on the Shane Diggens Productions page). 

As an accomplished and versatile singer and actor i'm available to cater for a range of occasions such as anything from pubs and restaurants to weddings!


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