My 20th birthday

I turned 20 years old on the 3rd of september, i had an amazing day.

I saw my birthday in with mum and dad with a cheeky Jack Daniel's untill 2 in the morning, then went to bed to wake up for work at 7.00am.
Spent the day at VRS (vehicle repair solutions), was a normal day untill come 5.30pm i was cleaning myself down when some one shouted 'shane' and i turned and a bucket of water just missed me, but with no time to react another bucket about a metre away hit me head on, i was socked top to bottom and had to drive home just in my pants.

When i got home mum welcomed me with the normal 'happy birthday to ya' song, what a surprise! I had a bar full of drink, fridge full of food, pool table set up and TV ready for the england game! People started turning up and with in no time the house was full and drinks were flowing. Music was on and everyone having a laugh, England was doing really well winning 4-0 and food was about to be served - Dad's chilli (best chilli in the world). We all started singing, playing air guitar and irish dance. Night carryed on till 4:00am in the morning, which surprised me because my dad said party finishes at 1:00am but he was the one that kept putting more songs on, i didn't complane. 

Next morning my mum and dad took me up to london to see  'the phantom of the opera', we left at 3:00pm to go to the train station, got the train into london and walked to the theatre, Mum asked if the cast could sing happy birthday to me, which made me and dad laugh, she is special. We went to a pub close by for a quiek pint and then headed back to the theatre, We entered the theatre, which was strange because the only two other times i'd been there was to perfom there. We took our seats and was very excited to see the phantom come to life. I was absolutely blown away by the scenery in the first half and Phantom had an amazing voice, in the interval i went to the bar to buy me, mum and dad a drink, i had to get a loan out to buy them, they were so expensive. Second half started and was stright back into it again. I had to stop myself from singing and was close to jumping up and pushing the phantom off and 'TRY' and take over. Again the scenery was amazing but the last scene with the phantom, Christine and Raul was the best scene of them all, all there voices together gave me goose bumps. I left the theatre having giving me even more deternimation to become a west end performer.

All in all my birthday was great and i would like to thank the 69 people on facebook for kind wishes, all the bottles of Jack i was given and all the cards much appreciated.

shane  x x x

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