My 21st birthday

Well where do i start...

On the 2nd of september i had all the lads round from about 7pm to see my birthday in. we just talked, had a couple of drinks and lots of banter. It got to 12pm and as normal mum had the bubble wrap out and made us all jump up and down to guess wat - Happy birthday to ya!! 

Everyone left round about 1am when my dad got back from work, so me, dad and mum could have a drink together. We stayed up to about 3.30am when i thought i better get to bed as i knew it was going to be a BIG day LOL.

The next morning i was up at 9am looking forward to the day, i went down stairs and guess what was playing - Happy birthday to ya!! (You can see a repeat). Everyone was there Mum, Dad, Kath, Nan, Grandad, Angie, Brownie, Sunny, Fay and Dionne. I started opening my presents and cards, i was given so many lovely gifts from everyone and many pictures of...ME! Then guess wat the bubble wrap came out again - que song...but this time it was BIG bubble wrap. My nan really enjoyed it and we have it on video, she looked like a 10 years little girl again, so cute. 

I then went for a drink with my dad at 12.30pm at the Horses and groom. It was really nice to go for a drink just me and him. We had a laugh and talked about everything. we had our first beer of the day and a lovely sausage sandwich. Then we made a move home at 1.30pm.

Then we went to Earls Colne air field where i flow a 2 seater plane, the pilot took off then i took over and learnt how to turn left, right and 360. We went over my house and work and then headed back. On the way back he cut off the engines to show me what happens - that was nice of him. We then landed and it was an experience i will always remember. 

I then headed back home to get ready for the meal at the Rose and Crown, Wivenhoe. At 3.30pm i arrived there in my Mafia suit (Grey suit, gold neckless, gold rings, hat, gold braclet, Big cigar, gun and greased back hair). Everyone else dressed up there was Jim, Chris, Miller, Ben, Smudge, George, Lewis, Kath, Amy, Brownie and  Aaron. We had a lovely meal and couple of cheeky shots.

5pm came around and our limo awaited, we all jumped in and it was massive. I had done some cd's for the ride and got the party started. we had to pick up Zach on the way though wivenhoe and then everyone was with us. We drove around for 2 hours visiting Finton lol and having lots of drink and singing on the journey. I was given a video camera for my birthday from Mum and Dad so i got everything that happened (very funny watching it back).

We finaly arrived at the William loveless hall in which i had a mafia Party. I was welcomed by everyone and a red carpet, i felt like i was famous. The bar i built was set up and was stocked up with LOTS of drinks from strongbow to jelly shots. I had my cousins band (Stoney Road) play who were amazing. I had so many people there and i love them all, so many gifts and cards was so touching. The night came to an end and i finished the night off with me singing...sorry trying to sing New york, new york.

But was it the end...some one said about getting a taxi into town and i was in the first one. Next thing i know im standing in town having a drink in a bar i've never heard of.

so to conclude my 21st was an amazing day and i wanna thank everyone who was involved and part of it. Thank you so much i will never ever forget it.

x x x x

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