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29th of Jan 2011

New suit, new shoes, new cuff links, new cards, new promo photo and now after long time coming, i have got into a recording studio (thanks to mum and dad) and layed down 5 tracks.
'Cry me a river'
'Fly me to the moon'
'Aint that a kick'
'You were always on my mind'
'Peridoxe swing'

I had to be at the studio by 10:00am so night before didn't have a drink and went to bed early, so i was nice and fresh for the morning.
I got up at 9:00am and put my new suit on for the first time and done my hair. We got to the studio to be met by Dionne Holloway (who was taking photo's) then very soon after was Mark Wickenden (who owned the studio).

We got in and  set everything up and when i say set everything up i mean i gave mark my cd Lol.
Dionne took some photo's and then we got started with 'Fly me to the moon' was very strange not holding a mick but soon got in to the swing of things.
then we done some editing (and no before anyone says anything no auto tuning present).
We then layed down 'Aint that a kick', 'Peridoxe swing' 'You were always on my mind' and then with so much excitement i finished with 'cry me a river'.

Mark and i sorted the tracks out and we were sorted, he finalised the cd and now i have my DEMO woooop woooop  x x x   

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