Young person of the year - YOPEY

Nothing is impossible and you can do anything you set your mind to.

When I was a child I did not speak until I was four and a half, instead I made things out of old boxes and paper. When growing up I had a speech impediment and couldn’t read or write. I went to the opticians once every four months to help me with my reading, because i had bad eyes. this is why I couldn’t read or write, but I over come that with in time.

When I was seven I joined K.A.T.S. (kid’s amateur theatre society), for someone who couldn’t read this seemed a very strange activity to take up. I thought to myself if I learnt scripts and performed them I would get better at reading, which i did. I then went on to play some very challenging characters; one of which that stood out from them all was playing ‘Miss Nelly the panto dame’ at school aged 14. Many other kids would have frozen and buckled under the pressure of dressing and performing in front of the whole school, but not me, I had something to prove. When I was at school I was bullied because of my weight and the fact I did performing arts. I proved to them all that I wasn’t scared to stand up in front of them and be who I wanted to be. I also am very pleased considering the circumstances that I got a ‘C’ in English and a ‘B’ in Drama GCSE’s and for many years help at my local church teaching in Sunday school.

I have never said no to a challenge and I have never been scared or nervous to do anything, which is the message I try to pass on to the students at ADP or anyone I work with. I try to motivate them by my past experiences, nothing is impossible. When people ask me do you have to be a singer to sing or dancer to dance or actor to act, I say NO. You can always learn from what ever age you are. When I was fifteen I couldn’t sing a note in key, but I said to myself if I want a main part I have to learn to sing. So that’s exactly what I did. I joined C.O.S. (Colchester operatic society) and taught myself to sing and now I have become a well known singer and performing at peoples weddings and various events.

ADP is all about getting the best out of every individual no matter how good or bad they are. We teach singing, drama, dance and confidence building because you don’t just need confidence in performing arts, you need it in life and in general. We have many people join which normally wouldn’t even have thought about it and I like to think that’s because when they see me, they think he does it so why can’t I?

When I see them perform on stage it gives me a massive sense of satisfaction to think that I have been a part of their life and made it better for now and for the future.
I like to think I am a good role model; I work two jobs first being a full time mechanic and second being a part time barmen. I direct the shows with ADP and also do solo gigs and in my little spare time I like to arrange a game of football with my friends and anyone who wants to join. I think I am a hard worker and young people look up to me and older people respect me.

I want to be a inspiration to young people and the message I pass on to anyone I meet that have/had similar issues is - if you work hard and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something, you can achieve anything.

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